Download Android Apps On Blackberry 10 (no computer)

Download Android Apps On Blackberry 10 (no computer)

This is an information video on the easiest way of how to download Android Apps (APK) on blackberry 10. You need to update your phone to 10.2.1 or higher. Do…
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. i’m using a blackberry z10 and I just recently got the updated os but when
    I tried downloading it with site on the description it always says “device
    not compatible”… so I browse on the other site and I was able to download
    it ^_^… anyway thanks for the info and i’m lovin’ this app

  2. I was Android user and i recently purchased BB Z10. So i was really tensed
    regarding the apps which i was using on android and was worried about that
    what will happen about the apps. But finally my solution to problem has got.
    Thanks buddy…!!! :) It was really helpful :)

  3. hi i just download apps on my bb z10 some of the apps are working some not
    working like [hangouts, candy crush saga and others} {when you try to open
    the screen show unfortunately,google play services which some of your
    applicat rely on is not supported by your device;please contact the
    manufacturer for assistance }and i dont know manufa assist;;;;;i’m in
    belguim i need your help now

  4. um using bb z3. i know that its not possible to run all the android apps on
    my device.but anyone can give me a suggestion that which android locker
    apps support in bb z3.
    Hope ill get a quick answer from user or Ghosttekh O..Thanks

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