Getting Started with CadSoft EAGLE

When your project gets past the prototype stage, it’s best to get a PCB printed to design and print it. On today’s episode, Ben shows you how to use EAGLE so…
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

یک فکر در “Getting Started with CadSoft EAGLE”

  1. Eagle CAD is a horrible and unusable application. No keyboard shortcut, all
    action activated with mouse, copy and paste group of elements crack the
    normal mind.
    It is a exterrestrial application, only for intelligent insects from the
    distant and parallel universe. :)
    Use DipTrace – it has some problems, but it is written for humans.
    And another plus to DipTrace: DT have a free edition with little
    restrictions, but this restrictions not a serious problem when you DIY a
    little schemes. I use it, and do schematicspcb with 10 chip’s on board.

  2. The most difficult thing about Eagle is buying it. Element14 is next to
    useless online and Cadsoft web sales team need a foot in the ass. Will look
    elsewhere there’s plenty on offer.

    Then there’s the total silence in email.

  3. دست شما درد نکنه که این اموزشهارو رایگان در اختیار همه قرار میدین! واقعا
    عجیب که اگر ا ادم ابله لودگی کنه یا یک دختر ناقصل عقل مثلا بیاد و موهاشو
    جلو دوربین شانه بکنه یکدفه میبینی ۱۰۰۰۰۰۰۰۰views دار و هزاران نفر فن ولی
    این هم میشه وضع اینطور اموزشها که طرف اینقدر زحمت میکشه ولی دریع از یک تشکر
    خشک و خالی!!!! چی میشه گفت؟خدا عقلی به اونها و پولی به ما هاهاها…منشکرم

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