How to copy or select text on wattpad (if you don’t know how to download stories)

Hi youtube. This video will teach you how to select text and then copy it manually if you don’t know how to download stories on wattpad. sorry for some mista…

I’ve got a lots of comments (or rather complaints? xD) from the previous video that I made regarding this. They said that they can’t find the “Read offline” …
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  1. For all those who react about the stealing copyrights. I’m only just
    teaching how to copy texts in wattpad. It’s up to the person who will watch
    this video if he/she will use the trick to use it for plagiarizing. 

  2. Well, as a Wattpad writer myself, I frown on plagarism. The only reason I
    wanted to know how to do this is because I’m so busy working I hardly get
    time to sit down and read. I use a text to speech software that enables me
    to paste texts and convert them to mp3s so I can listen to them on the go.
    I listened to audiobooks to and fro my trips out of state. I love
    discovering new works and listening to them and I find I have the most time
    to do so when driving. So yes, it depends on what you use it for 

  3. kuya john pinanood ko pa yung tutorial nyo sa youtube how to copy or select
    text in wattpad ..ginawa ko po pero yung javascript wala kailangan ko po
    kasing icopy yung story na yun please help me po ..
    kahit ano pong gawin ko di ko makita .. PLease po kailangan ko talaga sana
    mabasa nyo .. KUn wala po talaga dito sa computer ko please help me to copy
    it sana po kahit yun lang ang maitulong nyo sakin ..

    eto po yungg story punta po kayo sa account ko na kristalyn29 yung profile
    ko po dum is yung nakatayo ako den may hawak akong cellphone kristalyn29 po
    hindi po yung kristalynkaye29 .. YUng story ko po dun is unexpected love ..
    pakicopy po tsaka pakisend na lang sakin slamat po pero po if ever na
    matulungan nyo ko kung nasan yung java script okay na rin ako na lang
    gagawa … pumunta na kasi ako sa tools tapos option nasa content ako pero
    block up windows lang ang nakalagay walang enable java script pliss helppp
    me po..
    plis help me guixe

  4. There’s a reason Wattpad doesn’t allow you to copy text, and that’s to
    avoid plagiarism. Congrats. You just gave tons of people the key to
    plagiarizing someone else’s pride and joy. If you don’t know how to get
    access to stories on Wattpad… ASK. Seriously, it’s not the difficult. If
    you have a working computer, tablet, or smartphone, reading Wattpad books
    is super easy and you shouldn’t need to rely on this. There’s absolutely no

  5. K 4 all of u saying how bad this is and all that cuz people r going to use
    it for plagiarizing – don’t – I was only going to use this to print out
    chapters so that I can read it in class when I have time for it – Not
    everyone is going to plagiarize.

  6. Why the fuck would you need to copy texts in Wattpad you dumb cunt. There’s
    no other reason but to plagiarise. What a fuck head. This video will be
    reported to both HQ and YouTube, the ambassadors will do all the can to
    make sure this video is taken off, your account banned and hopefully stop
    you on Wattpad too. Twat. 

  7. Why’s everybody getting mad at this guy?? Like yeah, I get everyone’s point
    but if you want him reported, just go report him!! If you make a comment
    about reporting him, you’re literally giving him time to make up an excuse
    to tell an ambassador! 

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